Unlock your imagination as you enter the doors of Avatron Park, your destination to a new world where entertainment meets fantasy and perception becomes reality. Patrons, young and old, create their own 3D avatar and embark on a voyage through the corridors of a virtual realm. Each step forward, guest are more and more entranced by an immersive and interactive experience created with 3D videos, motion capture, 4D sensory technologies, holograms, and augmented reality. Interacting with RFID wristbands and Kinect sensors, the digital theme park transforms reality into an intriguing quest of characters, folklore, legends, and customs.

Advanced technology features enable designers to create a unique and limitless experience which extends beyond the walls of Avatron Park through simulated treasure hunts, digital games, and virtual worlds and engages guests to continue to relive the experience within the Park as well as in their own homes. Cutting-edge technology keeps audiences engrossed, intrigued, and encourages them to return. Avatron Park also creates an opportunity for engaging the visitor pre and post arrival.